Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Down The Drain $1.00 sale

Well as it has turned out my washing machine today decided to take an eternal powder! So I need a new washer before clothes pile to the ceiling but I just do not have $300-$400 just lying around to go out and buy one. So I am having a $1 sale on all of my products with the exception of my Buy My Store Deal and My Cu4Cu License

So please I am begging you and for the sanity of my family please come by my store and buy something so I can have clean clothes soon....

Buy My Store
Over 400 products to choose from and all can be yours for just $30
with the exception of her Cu4Cu License which is sold seperately
Buy My Store

Cu4Cu License
Leigh Penrod Cu4Cu License

Clipart Sets 
Booville Cliparts 3 by Leigh Penrod Booville Cliparts 2 by Leigh Penrod Booville Cliparts by Leigh Penrod
Candy Cliparts 2 by Leigh Penrod Candy Cliparts by Leigh Penrod Mega Clipart Mix by Leigh Penrod
Icecream 4 Me by Leigh Penrod Lil Witchy Cliparts by Leigh Penrod Kitchen Stuff Cliparts by Leigh Penrod

Extracted Elements
Christmas Vol. 1 by Leigh Penrod Choco Mix 2 by Leigh Penrod Choco Mix by Leigh Penrod

Cu Vol. 1 by Leigh Penrod Cu Vol. 2 by Leigh Penrod 

Page Kits
Days Of Olde by Leigh Penrod In The Garden by Leigh Penrod Country Beauty by Leigh Penrod

Halloween Frames by Leigh Penrod Halloween Paper Freebie by Leigh Penrod Choco Mix Freebie by Leigh Penrod

These are just a few of the 400 products Leigh has in the shop 
So dont miss out on all the goodies at just a $1.00 this sale will not be long

Click here to start shopping

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