Monday, June 11, 2012

Leigh Penrod $.50 cent Sale

Heartfelt Perfections 
Leigh Penrod is celebrating her shop
Heartfelt Perfections 2nd year in business
by having a huge .50 cent sale on all of her products
with the exception of specials

A few of her products you can choose from thats on sale
for an unbeleivable .50 cents

Banners  Monkey Business One Fine Day PS Styles

One Fine Day  Magical Moments Garden Retreat

Hair Tones PS Styles  Metal Name Plates Layout Template 1

Pink Floral Mix  Spring Floral Mix 3 Satin Bows Pack 3

Emo Glossy Glitters Photoshop Styles  Glossy Glitters 3 Photoshop Styles Glossy Glitters 2 Photoshop Styles

These are just a few of her products to choose from, be sure to check her blog out for freebies
Click here to go to her blog 

Also click like on her Designer Facebook page for exclusive freebies here

You can view her whole at Heartfelt Perfections by clicking on the banner below

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