Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Release of Series - "A Day at the Amusement Park: Riding the Rides" by Pizazz Pixels

After I finished the "Dreaming of a Mouse" Series, I realized that there was something missing--the rides!  So I began a new Amusement Park Series focusing on the fun rides at theme parks!  The color scheme chosen will be used for a few more kits to be released in September so you can enjoy a mega collection of papers, elements, and other products which can be used alone or mixed and matched for unlimited scrapping possibilities!

If you are looking for elements that are so original and unique, look no further because I digitally designed each of these 50 elements by myself! (I have a new respect for all those theme park engineers because I now know how difficult it is to create tracks with a beginning, an end, and a fun track too!  Also, there are so many little details to each ride, it is really incredible to me!)

What is your favorite ride when you go to the amusement park?    Well, this kit has many of the main ride attractions found at most theme parks! 

Add these rides to your layout/projects or have fun designing your own dream amusement park!

This digital product is available at:

My Store at Heartfelt Perfections

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